Monday, May 16, 2011

Sad but Happy days

We are holding up just fine; thanks to all our family and friends that surround us by love. There isn't a moment that passes that we don't feel covered by your love and we hope that you feel our love as well. The boys look forward to the end of school so that they can spend their days on the water slide at the YMCA or going XBOX crazy from dusk to dawn. I look forward to each opportunity to snap more pictures of them and finally attack the laundry basket of pictures and frames in the storage unit, I think 5 years has been long enough. This Sunday's message was about Christ Centered Fathers and throughout the message all I could think of was how blessed we are to a Man of Faith in our lives. You are such a great reflection of God's heart to our boys and to me, you draws us closer to God by the way you love us. Be assured that I am incredibly peaceful but still long to have you with us, with me. Remember your the spine of this family (and the funny bone). Loving you always......PP

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  1. I know there are copies, I am just too tired to delete them. Oh well, more to love.